Sunday, October 10, 2010

some news.

It has been sometime sense i have blogged.
it has been a crazy couple months.
their are some really important things i would like to inform you all in on.
first one of them being, I'm officially a college student.
first one of the family, I'm very proud of myself.
i know some may think that is ignorant.
but after the last years events i never thought i would make it this far.
I'm loving every second of it, its hard work .
some days i dont think i can do it. but i always remember why?
Graydee, he is the reason why I'm sitting in that classroom.
which brings me to my next topic.
the adoption was finalized.
as i read this on facebook, through his mom's profile, i thought i would be sad.
no not one once of my being was sad, i was...
he is safe, not that anything would have changed that if it wasn't finalized.
but the feeling of knowing its Sucre and he has a family who is in love with him.
makes me, okay, it makes me feel okay, for once in a really long time.
i feel okay. =)

sorry heather i stole the picture. =)

next news i would like everyone to be informed on.Graydee's blessing.was probably well one of the best days of my life.not exactly the best, as that was his was amazing, to hear his dad give that blessing to him was truly amazing.when Shane bore his testimony. it was tear after tear. as he told the congregation how the adoption was possible how i decided to choose their family. i don't think their was a dry eye anywhere.

this is his blessing outfit, i think he is the most handsome little boy ever.literally you cant not just want to squeeze him. so for all you information, graydee is doing good. he is so big and so happy and that makes me happy. i don't know what i would do without Shane and heather as second parents to me.