Monday, November 15, 2010

Me & Things.

I have decided to write some things about myself that only really i
know about myself and the close friends and family know.
bad or good, i will tell.

1. i paint my finger nails way to much.
2. i think reading is an escape from relality, maybe that's why i love it so much.
3. my sniffer (nose) is amazing, even after having a baby.
4. i check my facebook to much.
5. i love anthropolgy.
6. i tend to give better then i recieve.
7. i hate telling people no.
8. im very easily entertained.
9.i laugh at just about everything.
10.but my laugh is loud and hideous.
11. i spell like a 6 year old, im horrible.
12. also driving isnt my best asset.
13. zupas, crosses my mind at like 3 times a day.
14. i wear fake eye lashes a couple times a week (its almost like an addiction once you wear them its hard to not want to all the time)
15. i watch to much tv, but their is just so many good shows.
16. i would rather go see a movie then do something crazy.
17. im a home body.
18. i struggle with major anxeity. but i've learned to manage it.
19. i have a phobia of vomit!! and if you know me, you know what i mean by phobia.
20. my favorite color is red.
21. high heels make me feel beautiful.
22. i absouletly hate confrontation. i get that from my dad.
23. my dad is one of the funniest people i know. and i dont know where i would be without him.
24. my mom well lets just say she is a pretty amazing person. she knows me best.
25. i have a son named Graydee.
26. Who i also placed for adoption.
27. he is on my mind about 22/7 haha not 24/7 but 22/7 ha.
28. i miss him most of the time.
29. heather is who i want to be like someday. you know who you are.
30. my cheeks are huge! and thats and understatement.
31. i would rather listen to a piano playing then listen to rap or screamo or anything.
32. i sometimes miss high school (never thought i would say that)
33. i LOVE my job. most of the time. who would complain about free tanning.
34. i dont like ice cream
35. but i love CHOCOLATE!
36. i leave my tv on till i fall asleep.
37. because of the movie paranormal activity im scared of the dark.
38. i hate being touched to much by random people in a big crowd, it makes me anxious.
39. i use hand sanatizer to much.
40. i hate math.
41. im the first in my immidate family to go to college!
42. ive never been able to do a cart-wheel.
43. i love to just talk.
44. i love meeting new people.
45. i get snappy sometimes. im not proud of that.
46. and i can be really sensitive.
47. i think my sister basia is one of the prettiest people i know.
48. i think tattoo's are appealing. if i could pull it off i would be covered.
49. i am mormon, and my biggest goal is to be married in the temple.
50. but i do have a mouth sometimes. =(
51. im terrible at dancing but i love to dance.
52. and singing lets not get started. i suck.
53. i cry at just about everything ha. thanks mom.
54. i care to much about other people then myself. its easier that way.
55. i dont have very many talents.
56. but thats okay with me. =)
57. i get embaressed really easy.
58. giving birth was the most amazing thing ive ever been through. sure you wanted to hear that.
59. i go from blonde hair to brown hair at least twice a year.
60. im in a bunco group.
61. id rather be goofy then serious, no one wants to be around a bore!
62. i want to travel the world for a living, but i just dont know how to get a career in that.
63. im easily confused.
64. i have strech marks from pregnancy.
65. i hate them about 95% of the time.
66. but i wouldnt take them away, they remind me each day of my son. and as crazy as it seems they make it easier to bare him being somewhere else.
67. i dont bit my nails.
68. i tend to get really close to boyfriends family's..ha its weird.
69. i love being single its made me figure out who i am, and not who i am with someone.
70. i love the snow from inside, looking outside a window.
71. lake powell could be my second home.
72. i would rather live in a small town then a busy town.
73. i love to drive on the freeway, its relaxing to me.
74. im trying to lose weight, but i love food and hate exercising so its kind of a challenge.
75. but i love my body for what its worth.
76. i miss being pregnant.
77. i think ill be a good mom one day.
78. i take to much on at once, and then get overwhelmed really easy.
79. im a procrastinator though.
80. i think religion is so intresting.
81. i want to save 3 peoples life somehow before i die.
82. im to open. about everything. but i rather that way.
83. i hate secrets. they ruin everything.
84. i gossip sometimes, but usually feel guilty after.
85. i make the ugliest noises everytime someone scares me or i hurt myself.
86. id really like to learn how to drive stick.
87.i could easily forget your name after we meet.
88. i care more about my family then anyone else.
89. i dont trust most people, but im learning to be better.
90. my best friend is my cousin chandice.
91. i love who i have become, even if sometimes i make mistakes!

i am the best i have ever been. =))