Thursday, June 17, 2010

Glee Glee and more GLEE

ive found my new obsession GLEE.

i catch myself watching the 6 episodes i have saved on my DVR.
over and over again.
(i know im pathetic)
and not like everyone i dont love finn
im a little bit in love with Noah or Mark salling
aka the bad boy of glee.
i mean seriously the prettiest boy ive ever seen ha.

now, ive asked for my birthday for all the soundtracks so i dont have to keep watching the tv and fastforwarding to the songs ha

and for my favorite girl of the whole show , well Quinn of course i think its cause i can kinda relate to her(besides the being able to sing and dance)im sure you all understand ha.

the last eposide of this season where she has her baby even with the weird back ground music, ha made me cry.but i guess any stuff about babies makes me cry.but that she placed her in rachel's moms care (sorry i dont believe in the word give up) but i cant wait to see what happens in the up coming season with that. =))

but also i have to say i really love Brittany (the dumb blonde cheerleader)her comments always give me a good "did you know dolphins are just gay sharks" here are some of the best of her quotes!

so pretty much what im trying to say ive become a GLEE fan just like everyone else =)

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