Wednesday, June 30, 2010


For those of you who dont know what Twilight is
well let me inform you,
its epic.
ha..something im pretty sure every woman
and little girl is obsessed with.
and to be honesty i am also one of those
obsessed women.
i dont care how much people say its stupid.
and these are the reasons why,
yes the movies may be a bit cheesy lets face it.
but what girl doesnt want two very fine men fighting over them.
come on now.
and every girl would die to be treated that way.
so men take a lesson from these movies ha.
not so much the cheese ball parts but everything else.

now i am team EDWARD ha i mean look at him!!

(sarah this photo is for you ha)
and for me its not the whole edward cullen thing
it the Robert Pattinson thing.
he has some other really amazing films
like" remember me"
and he is so mysiterious and scruffy and manly ha.
when jacob yes is also, whats the word that most people
would you use.
sexy. ha.
but kinda little boy.

at least for me anyway.maybe not so much when he takes his shirt off what im trying to say is GO TEAM EDWARD...and well ive joined the rest of the world in falling in love with these stupid books and movies. and i cant wait for breaking dawn. a year and half people. urg.

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